Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Charlie in Texas Says...

Nothing exciting happened last weekend worth mentioning other than on Friday some friends and I went "midnight bowling" at Lewisville Lanes. You know, when they turn out the lights and its dark and yet you're held to the same standards of play. I stink up the joint when the lights are on full blast for god’s sake. What twelve year old came up with this idea and aren’t they like forty by now? Close up shop people.

Saturday was very quiet. Laying around with my dog watching movies. I must say that i really liked the new M. Night Shyamalan movie "Devil". Very suspenseful. I bet the book would be even better if it existed. Does it? Wait. Who am I talking to?

So anyway, Sunday I went off. Laundry, carpet cleaning, mowing, edging and spraying weeds filled my entire day. I was basically Hank Hill, sans consuming canned Alamo beer in the alley.

I want the yard to look fantastic this year without weeds, or bare patches, but it’s impossible on the cheap (or even on the moderate) when one bag of weed and feed costs $45.00 and you need eight bags. At least that’s what the price was at the Lowe’s in Flower Mound. So i bought the cheaper “mix-it-yourself” spray stuff. Doesn’t seem as safe to me...lots of chemicals. If i grow a nipple on my leg or something I'll know who to go after. Trust me, I’ll do just that, after I briefly play with the new nipple of course.

Amber in Asbury Park, NJ Says...

- Arose at 7am; coffee on the front stoop
- Played rugby from 10am-12:30 (scored once)
- Lunched at the Boathouse in Belmar (buffalo wings, sliders, and beer)
- Attempted to nap while watching "Avatar" - not possible
- Got cranky due to soreness and lack of nap
- Browsed at the Gap
- Drank some beers (Fuller's ESB)
- Dined at 10th Ave Burrito in Belmar (grilled shrimp tacos)
- Went to the bowling alley next to Centerfolds strip club on the Rt 35 Circle where I:
- Received a private poetry recital by Billy Ho, an NJ Transit Conductor who also bowls
- Was introduced to bubblegum-flavored vodka by "Black Tony"
- Enjoyed several cherry-vodka-and-cokes
- Purchased a bowling-ball bag with pink flames on it, which I now carry as a handbag

- Arose at 9 am; coffee and the second half of "Avatar"
- Tried for brunch on the Asbury boardwalk, but it was packed; had to go to Rafferty's instead (fruit salad and half a turkey club)
- Wegmans
- Went to the gym (cardio and abs)
- Got takeout at the BBQ place on Steiner in Neptune (got a rack of ribs for 1/2 price 'cause they were closing)
- Had sex with my boyfriend
- Went to bed early

Nicole Says...

PEOPLE! You MUST watch the premiere of Caitlin, the Urban Grocer, this Sunday at 8pm on The Cooking Channel. She is talented and knowledgeable, and the special takes place in BUENOS AIRES!!!!!! Do. Not. Miss!!!!!!

The Urban Grocer Says...

friday night was a dinner date at this great bistro in geneva with my fiance. they served this strawberry, cream, and puffed pastry layered dessert that was UNREAL. saturday i spent the day planning for a big old party we had at our apartment to celebrate the premiere of my television show on the cooking channel (er, sunday april 10 at 8pm if you're wondering...). it was an old school party (with blue hawaiians and pina coladas with little straws) and because the weather was cooperative, we even took it up top to our roof terrace. sunday? hung over, eating pizza, chilling by the lake in geneva. great weekend.

Dr. Diane Says...

On the weekend I've been working with my friend, Simon, to cook for a NYC homeless shelter. He frequently volunteers to stay at the shelter to host the "guests.". And he saw that all they had to eat was cold cuts and bread. He mentioned to me that he wanted me to teach him to cook, and I suggested that why don't we do it together. He purchases the food and I create the menu and organize the cooking process. He helps prep the food for cooking and he cleans up while I do the major cooking and organizing and packing the meal.. Then he or both of us bring it to the shelter just before the guests arrive. This is so they will have a hot and healthy meal. We make things from Italian meals (meatball heroes or lasagna) to stews, chicken and corn bread, and even some gourmet meals we've seen on cooking shows. We have a budget of $50-60 a week, but since Simon pays from his own pocket, we sometiimes try to be more frugal. I suggested to him that we seek out donations from local stores for food vouchers to help us do this, but we have not done that yet. He would have to probably get a letter from the shelter stating that we do this frequently for them.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Laura in the Hamptons Says...

Fridays in Sag Harbor cannot be beat. Dinner at Beacon, a waterfront restaurant and bar and caught another beautiful sunset. Walked a half block to town to pop into some terrific boutiques and pick up a sexy pair of slinky sandals, change up footing and head over to the American Hotel (packed) for the special-sorbet and tequila-tonight's was raspberry. Two drinks down and head to Grappa for a look see around the bar for men, no luck so move on to dive bar Murphs, some lookers so we stay a while and play ring toss and chill in the outdoor area. Cruise home at a respectable 2:15am.

Saturday friends go to East Hampton Point for frozen mango coladas catch the sunset on their deck and meet some Swedes. We next hit Amagansett-hard. Indian Wells is jammed again and the vibe is upbeat. Drinks, some shots, repeat and chat it up with quite a few city folk. Order food, slip out the back and head to Stephen Talkhouse through the back (thank you Nanette), throwing elbows to get to the outdoor area and realize there is no way we are going to get through another 10 minutes with this crowd. Nanette decides to split home and chill on our deck, I make the call and drive to Saracen in Wainscott to get on the dance floor with Mats from Belgium. Saracen is hopping and they are cranking 70-early 80 dance music and we are having a ball. Three glasses of Veuve and a Stoli Raspberry later we call it quits at 3am.

Sunday I'm up and at em' by 9am. Packing for an all day boat trip. By noon Nanette and I are in Sag Harbor to meet Bob for the boat ride out to area between Sag and Shelter Island for the yearly hook up. All day event with hundreds and hundreds of boats, kayakers, canoes, surf boarders, rafts etc. People eat, drink and jump from boat to boat all day socializing while listening to the sound of three live bands play from the floating dock. We have a primo spot and hook up with six boats (later to be ten total-two of which are filled with local firemen!) This is one of the craziest things to do all summer and everyone is in total party mode! Met tons and tons of people, kayak a bit and manage to not spill my drink as I swam from boat to boat. Our fireman buddies and EH Point pals kept us fed and our boats all stayed tied up until 6:30. We split but I hear the hang was still going until close to 9pm. Awesome and exhausting. Will pass on going to East Hampton Point for Jamaican Sunday...

Charlie in Texas Says...

Well I’m never going to Dallas ever again. Stupid suck-town.

Friday night I drove into Dallas to see my sisters improve comedy group “Heroine Addiction”. They were hilarious as always.

After the show we usually walk to a local restaurant for dinner and most of the time her friends join us. On the way to eat at a place called Twisted Root we found her friend’s car had been booted. Both the front and back tire had one of those bullshit orange (I find that most things painted orange are bullshit) metal boots clamped onto the wheel. The Butt-Boil Knuckle Dragger working there told her it would cost $105.00 to remove them. All of this because she didn’t park just one more spaces to the left. This spot free, but one more spot over, $105.00 if you forget to put .75c in the box. Ahem.

After dinner we all went our separate ways. It was late and I was exhausted, but I was surprised that the long drive home was going quickly….too quickly. Just ten minutes from home I realized that I left my credit card at the bar and had to turn around and make the thirty minute trip back into downtown. You see where I’m headed with this? Suck-town Baby! Okay the last one was my fault, but I’m positive Dallas made it happen.

Saturday and Sunday were a lovely mix of playing with my new iPhone and cleaning guns, back to the iPhone, oiling a baseball glove and then playing with the iPhone. I freaking love that phone. By Monday morning my hands were a cramped mess from Angry Birds and Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors, and I hadn’t showered in two days because I couldn’t get the phone wet. I think when I get the iPhone 5 I’ll take some vacation days and do it right.